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Common mistakes in Email Marketing

Typical email marketing consists of only 3 steps mentioned above. But believe it or not, these seemingly easy tasks are a nightmare for every digital marketer. This is because we keep making the same mistakes over and over again and we don’t even know we’re making them. So here are some common mistakes that we make and must be avoided in future.


1. Buying or renting an email list.

Whenever a customer or prospect opts in to hear from you, it’s their own choice to receive communication from you. Thus if the leads are not generated in right way, chances are that your message ends up in trash or reported as Spam.

2.Mailing too much

When a customer or prospect opts in to your mailing list you should have a statement about how often you plan to send an email so that customer is well aware of your mailing frequency.

Mailing frequently without anything new to offer would increase the likelihood of customer or prospects to unsubscribe without giving it a second thought.

3.Having a lame subject line

We live in scan-to-survive times because attention spans are spread thin. Subject line is one of the most important components of an email as most of the subscribers base their decision to open your message based on the subject line alone.

So always remember to frame a very catchy subject line that immediately grabs the attention of the reader and generates an interest to go through your email.

4.No call to action

It’s what you want the people who get your emails, visit your site or see your ads, to do. So it should be communicated to them in a manner that they desire for your product/service and thus drive people to act, and act now!! It could be as simple as “buy now” or “Visit our website to get your 20% discount”.

5. Target your list

Does every person on your email list need to receive every message you send? Or can you get more strategic and target different offers or messages to different segments, or portions of your list based on location, prior purchases, etc. This would actually save your valuable resources spent on email marketing.

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