Business Process Management


Business Process Management / BPM focuses on the implications of broken process. Broken process creates more problems for companies in almost all sectors than any other cause. Poor financial performance, inefficiency issues and even customer services problems are normally symptoms that relate back to broken process as the underlying cause.

More than 70% of business process management and change projects underperform and sometimes fail because:

  • Traditional approaches such as Six Sigma and Lean are suboptimal in that they fail to identify all change opportunities available.
  • Most BPM approaches are simply not agile enough and they require too much input data, which takes time to collect.
  • Most of the older change methods are better suited to the production line. The algorithms used are complicated and therefore require highly trained expertise. In this situation, change has to be imposed, creating internal resistance that is not always obvious.
  • BPM change deployment takes considerably longer than necessary. Next practice projects can be completed in less than half the time as long as the correct approaches and methods are deployed.


Why Attend?

This BPM Workshop will uncover a deep understanding of the alignment of CEM with BPM with explanation of what this means to the 2015 company.  We will equip you with methods and techniques that are in advance of anything currently available in the industry. This premier WORKSHOP is designed for those seeking the latest advanced skills in Advanced Business Process Management and information skills around ITIL. You will never think about process in the same way again.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone who recognises the impact of BPM within their organisation. Attendees at Xenox Global events are drawn from a range of job titles from CEO to Directors and senior managers.

Delegates find there is a value-add to several members of the same organisation attending. Areas of the organisation that cover any of the following would benefit from attending.

People who join out BPM training and certification programme – Senior executives, senior operating managers, business line owners, resource managers, strategists, program/project management, performance management professionals, functional managers, key front-line personnel, and staff with a stake in getting the most out of improving business performance through advanced business process management.

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