B2B and B2C Email Appending

With the challenges companies are facing in the current economic climate, email appending – adding email to your existing customer or prospect database – is a smart, cost effective way to turbo charge your marketing efforts.

Email Appending is the process of adding email to an existing marketing list of prospects or customers. Typically, it is done by matching a master database that includes email addresses to the customer file or by a technology where algorithms are used to match contact record domains (websites) and build, verify and append fresh email addresses.

Benefits of Email Appending

Email Appending enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively launch or improve your email marketing programs by expanding your reach, lowering your cost per contact, and increasing the profitability of your marketing efforts.

Utilizing Email Append services to add email addresses to your existing customer files can help improve your marketing and communication efforts greatly. There are a number of good reasons to market to your customer base via Email marketing.

  • You can establish online relationships with your customers and prospects, resulting in a higher return on your marketing investments.
  • It can dramatically increase traffic to your web site.
  • It is an extremely cost-effective form of marketing and communication, costing significantly less than direct mail or telemarketing.
  • Email marketing can yield substantially higher response rates than traditional mail or telemarketing efforts.

Not only does Online Marketing yield a higher response rate, but the results can be seen almost immediately –thus achieving faster time-to-market.

How do I select the right partner?

Searching for the right email append provider can be a bit intimidating. There are so many companies and they can often sound like they’re speaking a different language. How do you know which services are worthy of your business and which would be a waste of time and endanger your data?

There are 4 basic elements to select the right email append provider:

1. What process do you use to perform the Append?

Your best bet is to work with an append vendor that utilizes the best in technology to freshly append emails using domain and topography algorithms. If you work with a vendor that matches records to an existing database, make sure you ask from where the data originated and if they are a reputable source from the United States. There are many offshore providers that are less than scrupulous.

2. What are your estimated Append rates?

Remember, append rates are dependent on your data quality, size of the companies you are looking to append and how reputable your append provider’s services are. Many vendors will quote very high append rates and then deliver poor quality email and non business email addresses.

3. What is your hard bounce refund policy?

A reputable vendor will guarantee email addresses for at least 30 days after delivery. Look for someone who will refund your money on all emails that hard bounce within that period of time. If they will not, don’t do business with them.

4. What are your guaranteed delivery rates?

Remember to ask about what type of delivery rates you can expect on the delivered, verified emails. You will still experience soft bounces, hard bounces and other issues that are due to the World Wide Web and server traffic/outages, ect. The best vendors quote 88% deliver-ability plus.

5. Where does your email append data come from?

This is a very important question. You want to focus your attention on companies that utilize ethical data collection practices. This includes warranty registrations, corporate owned web sites, opt-in consumer sites, customer survey participation, Online Yellow pages and Large Data sources.

6. Do you own the data you are appending against?

Append brokers can provide a useful service by helping you to negotiate a better rate and seeing that your interests are looked after. However, if your project is particularly sensitive you’ll want to consider working directly with the append provider to avoid having your data shipped all over the web and possibly breaching your security. Many companies utilize external databases and can provide an effective service, just make sure you ask and get the details. A vendor who has a large Database source and Domain Pattern listing will have far better success rate.

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