Internet Marketing Services

Xenox Global has a focused practice that offers Internet Marketing Services for IT and Non-IT Companies. Website, Social Media and E-Mail have become the primary sources of engagement with prospects. Given the dynamic nature of these media, it becomes very demanding for the marketing team to handle the various priorities of keeping all marketing assets up-to-date, creating new assets, generating new prospects and engaging new prospects.


Content Services

  • Writing Website Content and Blogs
  • Developing Case Studies
  • Designing Presentations

Creative Services

  • Website Re-design and enhancement
  • Landing Pages and Calls-to-action
  • Marketing Collaterals and Graphic Design – Presentations, Case Studies and Brochures

Online Advertising and SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization – On-Page and Off-Page SEO
  • Managing Online Advertisements including Search and Social Media Ads

Social Media Marketing

  • Listening on Social Media
  • Content Marketing on Social Media
  • Facebook Marketing – increasing fans and engagement
  • YouTube Marketing – increasing views and engagement